What are Probiotics?

Normally when we think of bacteria we think of bad things that make us sick. Probiotics are just the opposite. They are bacteria that are good for you and especially help your digestive tract. Our body has lots of probiotics in our digestive system. We could not live without them. They live in the world around us. Probiotics are essential to digestion. Sometimes the good bacterium that is in our gut is not sufficient. This is where probiotics come in to play.

Medical scientists are trying to better understand the many roles probiotics play in our overall well-being. People have reported that probiotics have helped with psoriasis, diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel disease, urinary health, oral health, diarrhea associated with antibiotics, skin conditions, breathing ailments, aches, joint pain and much more.


The FDA does not regulate probiotics in the same manner as medications. Refer any health related questions or concerns with taking a probiotic to your health care professional. They know your specific situation.


Probiotics are generally safe for most people. But talk to your health care professional first to see if they are right for you. Stop taking them if you have any problems and consult your health care professional.