New Life


Within New Life Probiotics, lies the foundation upon which all life on Earth was built. Millions of years before the first humans drew their first breath of life, the probiotic life within this bottle had paved the path for all life that was to follow. The development goal was to show all of humanity what it desperately needed to know. The scientists clearly knew the miracle of microscopic life. It was quoted again and again that this discovery was at least 50 years ahead of its time. How right it was! To the extent that it would be more than 50 years before the world became aware of all the possibilities within this miracle water that is now available to you.

This original colony of essential probiotic life was among the most diverse on earth. None could rival or compare with straight up testing of other available products. The single most amazing characteristic of this colony is its ability to resist cannibalizing itself. So when the food is gone, the hundreds of different species or types of microscopic life will not attack and cannibalize and disappear forever. They choose instead to go dormant, waiting decades in some cases to awaken and go back to work as a family unit.

By fast forwarding to 2016, we see all around us the benefits of putting these microbes back into our bodies, the environment and the oceans around the world. Much of what previously kept all life on earth healthy, has been wiped out of existence by mankind all over the world.

Microbial Solutions has spent no small amount of time and effort to propagate and enhance the original colony. This includes the successful introduction of literally hundreds of new and similar species of microbes. The long process involved in this introduction has been a lengthy, deterring factor for those who have previously attempted this. Through the liberal application of discipline, anti-negativism, creativity and perseverance we have achieved our goals of enhancement. All the species are trained to coexist within their colony, to “feast or famine” together, if you will. This is now the largest organized colony of healthy probiotic bacteria on earth. Laboratory analytical results indicate and confirm this to be the most diverse probiotic compared to any other product obtainable. New Life Probiotics is the best valued probiotic compared to all the other inferior probiotics that are available on the market.

Here's to your health! Your "New Life"!